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DKLink Mobile automates inventory control and stock flow management for any types of business

DKLink Mobile automates inventory control and stock flow management for any types of business

DKLink Mobile improves work efficiency of store or warehouse staff. Necessary documents can be prepared directly using a mobile terminal. Scanning of barcodes on the goods also helps increase the work rate and minimize errors resulting in incorrect grading of stocks.

DKLINK Mobile can be integrated with the store management system to automate the following operations:
  • acceptance of goods; 
  • shipment of goods;
  • inventory control;
  • price verification; 
  • price tag printing;
  • stock relocation;
  • management of orders;
  • queue busting, by adding temporary extra handling points in the form of mobile data terminals.
 Generation of documents using mobile (hand-held) terminals. DKLINK Mobile can generate:
  • goods receipt documents;
  • goods release documents;
  • inventory control reports;
  • internal consignment notes;
  • goods return documents.

Key functionality

Processing of orders from the IT system of the store
DKLINK Mobile processes documents generated by the store IT system. Orders contain a specification with the planned quantity of goods. Goods receiving staff use mobile terminals to process the goods, i.e., scan barcodes and specify actual quantity. This immediately reveals any shortage, overdelivery, or incorrect grading.

Information about merchandise
By scanning barcodes on goods, personnel can obtain their name, article number, price, price in a specific store (for complex pricing models), or stock remainder. They can also search for missing goods.

Price tag change
Use mobile terminals to handle an important task – ensuring that shelf price tags fully match the prices at the cash registers. Staff can scan the barcode on the product or the price tag, compare the prices on the price tag against the cash register and, if necessary, immediately print a new tag using a mobile printer.

Selling by samples
Hardware stores often display only sample goods in their retail space while the actually purchased items need to be collected from the warehouse. Here, sample-based mobile retail will be of help.

Queue Busting
Shop assistants working in the retail space are equipped with mobile workplaces (mobile terminals) to carry our pre-accounting of purchased goods. Hand-held terminals scan bar codes of all the goods in the buyer’s cart. Then the purchased items are packed in bags and sealed. The sales person prints a label with a bar code and number using a mobile printer. This is called a “soft receipt”. All the buyer is left to do is proceed to the express cash register and pay.

Mobile workplaces include:

  • Mobile (hand-held) data collection terminal;
  • Mobile printer;
  • DKLink Mobile Software/
Currently, DKLink Mobile supports back office systems S-Market, 1C:Enterprise 7.7-8.0, Trade House, Gestori.